Because a responsive communication tool will improve customer experience and in the end CONVERSION

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Be always available to your customers, even when you are not.
Live agent is able to record the messages left by your customers and lets you answer to them when you are online.


why us?

> No installation needed, only COPY/PASTE knowledge
> Full Customization via WEB and CSS
> Real Time Communication using any HTML5 Compliant browser
> All Major New Browser Support



> Multiple Agents and Websites Support
> Conversation Transfer Between Operators
> Email us if no Agent is Logged in or Leave Offline Messages
> Multi-Agent Chat Support (Conference)
> Out of Office Notification
> Agent Tracking and Monitoring


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Why us ?

Easyest Integration possible


Provide your customers with a simple and direct contact and support method with minimal impact to your website code. Just copy the line for your website and paste it in your website.

full customization via web or css


Customize your messages to the customer for all communication and also style your support module easy and simple by using your own CSS file.
We also offer branding options for the customers that need a fully customized version.

real time communication


By using the latest WEB communication technology we empower our users to communicate with customers in a real-time and yet responsive way. Our implementation does not require any change in the website besides including a line of code and requires absolutely no installation on the visitor's computer.

Reporting & Statistics


Being able to measure both the quality and the quantity of the support service provided to your customers is a vital feature for any business. In order to do that LiveAgent provides all the necessary tools to get the most out of your customer interraction.

Example: Integration with Wordpress

all major new browser support


HTML5 Standard


CSS3 Standard


Internet Explorer


Opera Browser


Google Chrome